Fiodor’s advice

The rush of writing when there’s an eager reader
“If it’s not written it’s not relevant”, Dostoyevsky left written
The rush of gambling when there’s an outstanding payment

A new reader I’ve gotten on this atypical day
She has not sworn yet
The oath on The Gamblers book should come short after though

The orange feeling when words are delivered
Electric sparks of thoughts translated into squalid or powerful words
The pumping heart filled with fresh blood in all four rooms at once

“Let’s talk about this new reader of yours”, he quietly said
“Is she really worth it for you to share your mind, aren’t you exposing too much?”
It’s too soon to tell you’re right, but what if she helps me to resume my writing

“The rush of writing in spite of being read or not, should be enough”
But the idea of having a someone special eager to read you
It makes it ten folds better despite of Fiodor’s thoughts

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