Sparks of blue

Spontaneously, the rush
10:28 heading somewhere downtown
Red wine and sparkling sky-blue
Sky-blue eyes

Wearing pale hands and freckled arms
Living Jambalaya-land for good this time
Over explaining nature
Over explaining mouth, not hands

Spontaneously, violin strings left behind
10:55 orange rush inside
Cheese and heritage simply intertwined
Intertwined, the hands

In between my arms, late at night
Mediterranean Sea the choice of life
Endless warmth from blue sparks
Blue skies, blue sky sparks

Impulsiveness, reasonless head
Holding hands 2:37am
Plane tickets between her hands
Sick of planes, my head

Against the wall the back- “do come back”
Red lips with kisses inside, 3:31am
Pumping blue and thick blood my heart
Red lips –> blue heart

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