Violin betrayal (orchestra’s blog)

As every season, the first Friday of September we resume rehearsals with the orchestra after the holidays. I leave the office relatively late, we have had quite intense days with chaotic dramas of the daily company’s life but finally, I get to go home wishing to disconnect from daily stuff by playing with the rest of musicians, that I actually miss a lot. Obviously, I just have enough time to have some tea with mother, talk about how the day went and above all: to pick the instrument up.
Before changing my clothes I decide to open the case to tune the instrument up after so many days and most of all temperature changes, with the unusual stormy summer weather of the past few weeks. In 15 minutes I should be leaving the house, so I open the case and I cannot believe what I am seeing, it is a betrayal in full force. I do not get it! 19:14 tick tock… the betrayal of the instrument.
What should I do? The adjuster of the tailpiece has been broken, it was made of gut and more than 100 years I guess was a little bit too much, but it had to be happening today?! When the adjuster breaks, the tailpiece, the bridge and the strings get lose of course but luckily nothing’s been broken apparently. Suddenly my heart accelerates, I feel its pounding in the neck and my body temperature raises in milliseconds with the doubt, has the sound piece (soul) fallen or not? at least the top wood is not broken. I pick the phone up to use the flashlight and lit inside the box to check the insides. The sound piece (soul) is in place and there are no signs of any other internal damage. What a relief. Tick tock 19:17!
I stand up, I turn around and hanging on the wall at its usual place, the ex-instrument. All the strings in place and apparently ready to be played. I take it and try it out, in less than two minutes I have it tuned up and ready for the rehearsal, the sound is the same as always and the feeling is like getting back home; sweet and deep in the lower tunes, bright in the higher pitch but in comparison with the other, perhaps with less personality especially in the graver notes. I remove the falling apart instrument from its site and place the proud ex-instrument in its place. When placing it I get to listen in my head: “Of course, now you need me right? How long has it been since you’ve played me last? I think I deserve an explanation. ” It is absolutely right, my idea was to alternate the instruments but lately with the desire to make the new acquisition to vibrate more, because it really needs it, I have left the other one aside for way too long perhaps. And in the end, the ex-violin is the one who has not betrayed me today, for the first rehearsal of the season.
I do not have time for melodramas now, so I close the case and I head for the rehearsal hall with the ex-violin inside the official violin case. If I hurry up I might even get there in time!

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