XXI Atlantis

Ocean deep living-in connection huge tubes

Little buried into ocean bed sand

Going outside death sentence not only for the mind

And you were able to reach out

Nobody has ever been this close to these glass walls

To the blue like ink staining heart

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean they said on the TV set

But there’s plenty of starfish and white sharks

Are those the killing kind? it sounds more like a little big lie than reality if you were to ask to the thinking mind

And you’re are still close keeping a sponge in hand

But lately no blue ink gets squeezed from the quiet heart

Only water and red blood forming no coherent words nor white light thoughts

Ocean deep waters burring you all to keep you alive

We made sure the connection tubes have enough oxygen to keep you safe

But only if you try not to move much as you have to practice some solidarity for those who don’t hold good enough functioning brains

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